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Through Sojourners we will...


• Know Jesus Christ who loves us and     

   changes us to look like himself

• Grow in knowledge of redemptive history and biblical doctrines through study of Scripture

• Grow in understanding the application of the gospel to our daily lives

• Grow in wisdom of helping others apply the gospel to their lives

• Encourage one another as we sojourn together.



Engaging the Story

Pre-reading Scripture

Sojourners will engage with the biblical theme in focus through individual reading and reflection of assigned Scripture prior to each monthly gathering. This pre-reading will help us engage the story of redemption and the particular theme as active learners.   


Learning the Story

Monthly Gatherings

Nine gatherings cover major themes of Scripture with a focus on how these themes culminate in the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ and his return in glory. Each large group teaching focuses on a specific aspect of God's story of redemption and provides an opportunity to work out the rich implications of the gospel for everyday life. As we behold the beauty of Christ through engaging the Scripture, we will seek to apply what we learn to our hearts and our relationships. For more details, visit the Gathering page. 

 Living the Story
Small Groups

Small groups provide opportunities to discuss and apply the riches of the gospel discovered in the large gathering to individual lives. Each gathering concludes in small group discussion of the content.  In addition to this small group time, once a month the small group leaders will offer a time to gather for further discussion of readings and for prayer. While growing deeper in relationship with Christ, small groups will help us grow deeper in relationship with one another.   


The books, articles, and other resources included in the curriculum will challenge and help you to apply the Scriptures to your own life and ministry. These books may be purchased through the vendor of your choice:

Real Change by Powlison, Nicholls, Thorne

CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet by Mike Emlet 

Personal Growth Project

The Personal Growth Project is an opportunity for each woman to look 

deeply and wisely into one area of needed growth and find the help and 

hope of Christ.  The March gathering includes a guided workshop for the PGP and an extended evening for small groups to enjoy dinner together.

Serving One Another
Sojourners has opportunities for you to use the gifts and talents God has given to bless others and glorify him. Opportunities include small group leading, worship team, administration, hospitality, and prayer team. Please select the areas you are willing to serve on the registration form.


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